How to Pump Your Instagram Account

September 18, 2019 Off By Layla Garcia

Instagram has gained so much momentum that it leaves even the media behind. All the news, events, announcements of events, stories from the same events can be learned from Instagram. There is a huge number of accounts, which are watched and followed by a large audience. But how they get so many followers? Of course, you can use Instagram boosters like But before you become such a popular person you need to start somewhere. In our new article we will tell you what steps you need to take to start gaining followers!

1. Profile.

The more complicated your nickname is, the easier it is to make a mistake when searching for your account on Instagram. Therefore, avoid creating a nickname with two lower underscores or a nickname consisting of two or three words. Ideally, you need a short and easy nickname so that people can remember you and understand how to find you.

Also, if you already have an audience in other social networks, use the same nickname in your Instagram.
The description of the profile.

It is necessary to make it clear whether you are interesting to a person who enters your profile. So, it’s important to mention where you come from, what you’re interested in, and if you have your own blog or account in other social networks. It makes sense to add links to your other accounts to your profile description.

The picture on the avatar should be pleasant, preferably it should be your picture.

2. Concept and content.

The content should be consistent with your concept and should not be dislodged from it. Let’s say you’re posting life-style photos and suddenly you’re experimenting with selfies, be sure that some people will unsubscribe because they are following you for other reasons. They are not used to your selfies; you do not accustom them to this kind of content. This is called going beyond the content. When you have one topic and you’re moving on to another, you will most often lose your subscribers.

Make your profile diverse – post photos in the style of life styles, food, salons, selfies, views. If you only write about yourself, it is not interesting to subscribers. And new people won’t want to subscribe to you.

3. Quality of content.

The quality of the photos is very important, the photos should be clear and bright. Photos can be taken on a phone or camera, although some people find it unfair to take photos on camera, because Instagram is ground for mobile phones. But if you want a quality profile, take a photo on camera.

Using frames for photos is advisable if it corresponds to the general concept of the profile. If you have a single style and concept, for example, black and white photos in the entire account, the new people who come to you, look at the profile in general, not each photo separately. This creates an impression and they decide to subscribe to you.

People like bright profiles better, so use shared filters for all your photos.

Don’t forget to leave a description under the photos, people in the installers read texts. It’s not interesting when you just have a photo or photo, you want to read it. In addition, it is necessary to build a relationship with the audience, and for this you need to contact them, ask questions, write on provocative topics or just wish everyone a good morning.

It is important that the post will be useful to other people. People will read you if you give something interesting that solves their problem here and now. But don’t forget about the content plan, which will help you to divide the content into entertainment, information and sales.